Alumni Profile: Miriam Flores

Miriam Flores took her interest in business and ran with it.

Miriam Flores is a YouthEntity alumni and 2010 graduate from Roaring Fork High School. She always had an interest in business and signed up for any related class, program, or activity that was offered - which is how, in her Junior year, she found Youthentity's Investment Challenge, a course designed to help students understand the stock market and make smart, profitable investments.

Seeing her interest in business, Miriam's instructor introduced her to Kirsten McDaniel, YE's Executive Director, who hired Miriam to assisting with YE's finances and record-keeping. Miriam went on to earn a Bachelors in Business Administration though CMC and is currently the Assistant Controller at local nonprofit Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Miriam continues to work with Youthentity, giving her time to speak at our 2018 Pig Roast benefit, and providing organizational feedback.

Says Miriam: "No matter where I go I will never forget where it all started: at Youthentity. YE will always have a special place in my heart; it was the foundation to my career...this foundation is one of a kind because when it comes to guiding students towards their career path it knows no barriers."

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