Career Academy - The first two weeks.

Career Academy & YE University began back in August with the start of the new school year. Students are back in our commercial kitchen in Carbondale, and our Structure Design & Building Industry students resumed meeting at Gould Construction for on-site safety skills. Both tracks under the Career Academy program dove into their curriculum. What do the first few weeks of Career Academy & YE University look like?

Our Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management students are preparing to learn skills needed in commercial kitchens. But they also learn employment skills through YE University, our online learning management system. YE University covers the hiring process, communication in the workplace, workplace sexual harassment, employment expectations, and much more.

  • Knife skills - how to slice and dice like the pros

  • Kitchen safety - how to hold kitchen tools not just for proper use, but for the safety of others

  • Sanitation practices (a big one!)

  • Hiring a team - what employers are looking for when hiring new team members

  • The business of hospitality, and marketing your business to customers

We also held a hands-on lab class in the kitchen. Led by instructor Chef Matt Maier, lab is a time to apply and practice the skills learned to make delicious food! It’s fun, interactive, and best of all, students get to taste test the product of all of their hard work! Our students made french fries, vegetable soup, and an incredible carrot cake with cream cheese frosting layers.

Meanwhile, Youthentity’s Structure Design students met with Gino Rossetti, the track’s lead instructor and renowned architect. A few of the concepts reviewed:

  • Safety in the workplace (Again, a big one! Safety first, safety always.)

  • Engineering basics

  • Electrical overview

  • Brainstorming for semester project

As part of YE University, both tracks took the Predictive Index survey, a stimulus-response assessment in which participants get two lists of adjectives. Using the first list, they select the words that describe the way others expect them to act. Using the second list, words are selected that describe them in their own opinion. The PI predicts how employees react in certain situations, how they interact with other team members, and helps to describe the environments and working conditions in which the individual will flourish. The teams also discussed appropriate workplace behaviors and communication.

In the next several weeks, both teams will continue to build upon these basics. Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Students will learn advanced baking and cooking skills as they expand their business knowledge; Structure Design & Building Industry students will start their semester projects while learning the different elements of building (blueprints, electrical, plumbing, masonry) that form to complete a structure.

Learn more about Career Academy here.

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