Financial Literacy & Education Programs

More than ever, it is critical to teach kids about the financial concepts that will shape their future as adults. Youthentity’s programs engage kids to help them to learn how these concepts - such as interest, debt, savings and investment - will factor into their lives.

Youthentity Financial Literacy programs are broken up into two workshop series:

I Am Financial Knowledge

Who it’s for

Since 2010, Youthentity has taught personal financial literacy workshops that help students make responsible fiscal choices. The IAFK program’s Level I and Level II classes are designed for 5th and 8th graders in schools on Colorado’s Western Slope.  

What it is

The "I Am Financial Knowledge" curriculum was developed by Youthentity founder Kirsten McDaniel and emphasizes personal money management. The program teaches students the concepts of:

  • Planning and money management

  • Credit and debt

  • Risk management and insurance

  • Saving and investing, using the 10-10-10-70 principle

  • Financial responsibility and decision making

  • Income and careers

Learning is not limited to the classroom! Every student receives a workbook that allows students to keep notes and complete exercises so that they can share the knowledge they learn with their families.

Each student completes a final test where they are paid $.50 for each question they answer correctly, up to $15 each, issued in the form of a check from Youthentity along with a letter informing parents about the program and how to deposit the check.

Student participants have the opportunity to open a Youthentity Alpine Bank student account at any Alpine Bank branch, where they may earn an extra 1% interest in their savings up to balances of $1,000.

Banking On Your Future

Who it’s for

Youthentity partners with Alpine Bank to offer a personal financial literacy workshop using EverFi, a digital platform that makes learning about money into an engaging lesson for high school students. This program builds on the I Am Financial Knowledge programs.

what it is

The Banking On Your Future program uses a curriculum powered by EverFi, a new-media learning platform that uses digital assets and technology – video, animations, 3-D gaming, avatars, and social networking – to bring complex financial concepts to life. The program teaches students 10 modules around the following concepts:

  • Savings

  • Banking

  • Payment types, interest rates and credit cards

  • Credit scores

  • Financing higher education, including FAFSA forms

  • Renting vs. owning

  • Insurance and taxes

  • Consumer fraud

  • Investing

The program tracks individual student progress and and provides students who successfully complete the course with certification in financial literacy, which can be a powerful tool for a job application, college search and internships.

Every student who completes the course also takes a final test provided by Youthentity for the chance to earn $.50 for every correct answer, up to $17.50 each. Youthentity mails participating teachers the final tests and answer sheets and then processes and sends checks to students.  


Teacher participation is easy! Youthentity Program Managers work with your teacher teams to determine optimal workshop times and dates, and bring in trained facilitators to teach the program. Financial literacy programs are completely free of charge to all students and teachers. 

If you are a parent or teacher interested in bringing financial literacy programs to your classroom, please submit the form below or email Stephanie Stahle, Youthentity’s Financial Literacy Program Manager.

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