Our Vision

While we innovate locally, Youthentity programs address national needs: helping kids find their unique talents while gaining the self-confidence, knowledge and skills necessary for a successful future.


How We Started, Where We’re Going

We started our journey into experiential learning in 2006 with a “Build Your Own Computer” workshop, where students taught peers to build their own desktop computer. Then known as “Computers For Kids”, the organization evolved from technology to offer various skill-building and career exploration programs in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Fast-forward to 2019.

Today Youthentity provides career development and financial literacy programs to help kids explore and learn concepts critical to real-world success. We believe that career exploration should start early, with an emphasis on learning skills that will transfer to any job: teamwork, leadership, timeliness, presentation, communication, and so much more. Whether kids participate in our YouthChefs program, or our construction management internship, the end result is the same: confident, capable kids who are ready to lead.

Financial literacy goes hand-in-hand with career development. Too many young adults enter into the real world of jobs, rent, and car payments without an understanding of how to effectively manage their finances. Youthentity provides financial education in an easily digestible format, so kids understand the concepts of investment, savings, credit, debt, interest and more.

Our goal is to make the Western Slope of Colorado the most financially literate and work-ready region in the country. We hope that every young person in the communities we serve enters adulthood financially literate, with applicable work experience and skills gained through our career development programs. 


Spend enough time around kids and you’ll believe that there’s hope for the world. Spend enough time around Youthentity, and you may believe it transcends being about kids and becomes more of a template for how it would be nice to see entire communities function.
— Jay Cowan