Learn Residential and commercial design principles from the experts.

Led by renowned architect Gino Rosetti, the Architectural Design Team learns to draft and manage an architectural project. This internship teaches design skills while emphasizing teamwork, critical thinking and presentation.

Who it’s for: high school students interested in the fields of architecture, engineering, design and community planning.


What it is: The Youthentity Design Team is an after-school career development program designed to give students hands-on experience in the world of architectural design.

  • Students work under the supervision of world-renowned architect Gino Rossetti

  • Class meeting times and days are determined on an individual basis, but generally meet twice a week

  • Curriculum includes studio sessions at Youthentity and site visits, including home tours, the office of CCY architects and the Aspen Art Museum

  • Students design and present a final project following and meeting industry guidelines and standards