When I walked into the center my first thought was “woah...” The food was also great at the snack bar. I think it was amazing that you had great food for cheap.
— Zane, 5th grader

The snack bar is always popular with students but even adults call the YouthEntity Center fun, hip and professional.  The YouthEntity Center is our home field. It's the meeting, working and presentation space for many of our high school programs.  Fifth grade participants in our "I am financial knowledge." program travel here for a field trip involving games, a visit to the YouthEntity Alpine Bank branch in our center, and to collect their first paycheck for learning. 

Pictured above, the YouthEntity Candleworks Team - made of 3rd - 7th graders - are giving their final project presentation where they designed a custom fragrance for a candle, outsourced the fragrance and candle production, and sold the product to generate $1,000 in profit on a $1,000 investment; a great example of what we do here at YouthEntity. 

The remodel of our center was made possible thanks to: Alpine Bank, Austin Memorial Foundation, Blue Tent Marketing, Jon & Lucie Fitch, Allen & Sandra Henry, Henry Family Foundation, The Manaus Fund, Mitchell & Company, Don G. & Sue C. Powell, Don G. Powell Foundation, Sumner Schachter, Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., and the J. Robert Young Foundation.