First and foremost, our Youth:

Q: What age youth does YouthEntity serve?

We work with youth in grades 3 - 12.

Q: What is the geographic reach of YouthEntity?

YouthEntity staff and volunteers work with youth in the Roaring Fork Valley from Basalt to Glenwood Springs through all of our programs; we also work with students in Rifle, New Castle and Summit County in the "I am financial knowledge." program.

Q: How do I enroll a youth to participate in a YouthEntity program?  

 Call us at 970.963.4055 or talk to your school counselor or teacher to enroll a youth to participate in one of our programs.  Many children will experience a YouthEntity program in their classroom.  Currently, our "I am financial knowledge." workshops for 5th and 8th graders and our "My Career. My Life." internship program happen during the school day. If  you'd like to bring one of these programs to your school, please contact us or contact your student's teacher. 

Other program facts:

Q: How was ProStart® at YouthEntity started - isn't it typically taught at high schools?

ProStart® is a nation wide program predominately taught in a high-school setting.  We are one of the only nonprofits that offers ProStart as a program within its organization.  ProStart at YouthEntity was started to offer in-depth culinary and restaurant management experience to high school students from Basalt, Bridges, Roaring Fork and Glenwood Springs High Schools.  We also accept students beyond Glenwood Springs if they are interested and able to meet the time requirements.

Q: Do you charge a fee for your programs? 

Our programs for elementary and middle school students are tuition free. Many of our high school programs such as Design and WriteOn! are also free. We do charge a small fee for our YouthChefs baking & pastry arts program ($50) and ProStart® at YouthEntity ($100). This fee provides the student with a chef coat, apron and hat and most importantly, shows that they have some skin in the game. The tuition for these programs is about 2% of the actual cost of the program.

Volunteer Questions:

Q: What are your volunteer opportunities?

We work with over 40 volunteers annually within our programs. Our first question will most likely be, "What is your skill-set and professional background?" followed by, "What is your schedule?"  We need volunteers to help teach our "I am financial knowledge." curriculum in 5th and 8th grade classrooms throughout the valley and beyond.  We also need volunteers to help with our high school career training programs and coaches to teach an apprenticeship for "My Career. My Life."

Q: How much time is required?

Typically, our volunteers give 1 - 3 hours weekly over the course of several weeks during the academic year.  

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer?  

Please email for more information on volunteering.


Q: What is your connection to Computers for Kids and can I donate my old computer to your agency?

Our legal name is the Computers for Kids Foundation d.b.a. YouthEntity.  We switched our name in 2009 to reflect our breadth of programming.  And no, we don't accept any old computers.  If you'd like to recycle your computer, please contact Garfield or Pitkin County landfills (to recycle, not landfill) or Office Depot in Glenwood Springs.