Where we’ve been, where we’re going…

Youthentity is a nonprofit that aims to give our community’s kids a leg up on successful futures through real-world learning experiences and financial education programs.

We started our journey into experiential learning in 2006 with our first “Build Your Own Computer” peer workshop where students taught other students how to build their own desktop computer. Today we offer internships and semester-long programs in industries such as culinary arts, construction and architecture, providing real world learning experiences that teach teamwork, project management, and other life skills.

Youthentity participants develop financial knowledge, cultivate career readiness and employability skills, and gain social capital. Our programs combine learning with practical, real world application – from completing an architectural design proposal to performing a wellness exam on a volunteer patient – to engage students in a unique way.

In conjunction with our youth career development programs, our goal is to make the Western Slope of Colorado the most financially literate region in the country. We hope that every young person in the communities we serve enters adulthood financially literate, with applicable work experience through our career development programs. 


Job Ready, Career Ready, Life Ready

“Spend enough time around kids and you’ll believe that there’s hope for the world. Spend enough time around Youthentity, and you may believe it transcends being about kids and becomes more of a template for how it would be nice to see entire communities function.”

— Jay Cowan