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123 Street Avenue, City Town, 99999

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Board of Directors

Robert Blattberg, Chair

Steve Bellotti

Jack Bergstrom

Jonathan Fillman

Adriana Ayala-Hire

Tom Kenning

Dick Kipper

Jan Peter Koorn

Gerry McDaniel

Kirsten Petre McDaniel

Matthew Owings

Roger Sheffield

Lucy Smythe


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Kirsten Petre McDaniel, Executive Director

Heather Hicks, Associate Director

Matt Maier & Kelly Yepello, Chef Instructors

Paul Hilts & Gail Shannon, Program Managers, "I am financial knowledge."

Naomi Peters, Accounting, programs 7 administration

Thomas Ball, Gary Barr, Becky Blair, Kiara Christianson, Tim Dillow, Melinda Keeler, Britt Kelly, Ellie Kershow, Kevin McDonald, Tela Robinson - Program Facilitators, "I am financial knowledge."