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"My Career. My Life."


Everybody has something they want to be when they grow up.

My Career. My Life. is a program designed to guide middle school students in the direction of careers that are most suited for them.  Students take a short assessment about their likes and dislikes and learn their "My Career. My Life." career code made up of their top three Holland Codes: Artistic, Investigative, Enterprising, Realistic, Conventional and Social.  By learning which three career codes best fit their personalities, students begin to understand what careers they may enjoy best.  With their career codes in hand, students learn about the variety of careers available to them and select a couple of mini internships they are interested in.  Students are matched with professionals in their desired fields of interest, providing social capital for their future success.  

Middle school students participate in 1 to 2 career days. Within those days they will meet with a couple of local volunteer professionals and dive into the details of their career. We hope that this will introduce the next generation to the many options that they have in their life! Our internships introduce careers in veterinary medicine, human medicine, cosmetology, police enforcement, nature & sciences, culinary arts and much more!

Current Schools participating in My Career. My Life. and session dates:

  • Glenwood Springs Middle School (8th grade): May 17th

  • Carbondale Middle School (8th grade): April 24

  • Basalt Middle School (6th grade): May 10th-11th

  • Two Rivers Community School (6, 7, 8th grades): Dates for 2018 TBD

Internship offerings may include, but are not limited to: veterinary medicine, cosmetology, police work, interior design, architecture, small business, entrepreneurship, restaurant management and menu design, culinary arts, journalism, professional dance, art making and curating, ecology and rivers, personal training, event planning and management, martial arts and leadership, fashion design and chiropractic medicine.  

Coaches meet with groups of 10 students at their school weekly for 1.5 to 2 hour sessions to learn about the career and participate in a hands-on learning project within that career field.  For more information, please contact Naomi Peters at


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